Heal Your Hormones & Regain A Healthy Period

Regulate your hormones, get your period back, and find peace with food and your body with realistic & simple changes.

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Your menstrual cycle can tell you a lot about your health.

Not getting your period at all or having irregular periods is not normal. And it shouldn't be overlooked.

Certain medications and birth control can cause your period to go missing or become irregular - but if you are not taking medications, your period can tell you a whole lot about your health.

Your menstrual cycle tells you if your hormones estrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH are working like they should. While your period is not the end all be all of your health, a normal period is a strong indicator that your body is getting everything it needs for your reproductive system to healthily function.

Also important to note - if you are taking hormonal birth control, when you bleed that is not a real period. Instead it's what we call a "withdrawal bleed" and that happens because you stop taking the hormone pills and begin taking the placebo or "sugar" pills.

Signs of not getting your period or having irregular periods:

low energy

vaginal dryness

low sex drive

mood swings

skin flare ups

hair loss

weak nails or dry skin

Possible long term effects of not getting your period:

decreased bone health which can lead to osteopenia and osteoporosis

heart and vascular problems leading to cardiovascular disease

possible neurodegenerative disorders

infertility or difficulty conceiving

Sounds a little scary, right? Well before you go down a rabbit hole of emotional distress, know there is HOPE. Much of this is reversible with the restoration of your period. That's good news!

If your body isn’t getting enough energy & nutrients to support your own needs, one of the primary ways it compensates is by shutting down your reproductive system. This makes sense. Your reproductive system isn't essential for life. And without the resources to support your own health, your body certainly isn't going to think it’s in a healthy state to grow a baby. Instead your body is going to use the energy and nutrients it does have for vital functions like your brain, heart and body temperature.

Not getting your natural period or having irregular periods isn't something to shrug off. Rather, this is your body telling you something is going on and you need to pay attention. So instead of ignoring your body, it's important to listen.

And by listening, you can avoid health consequences like poor bone health and the side effects listed above, You have to make sure your body is cared for so your hormones and reproductive system are working like they should. And this matters whether you want to have children one day or not. Getting a regular, natural menstrual cycle is essential for long term health. If you only get a "period" when taking birth control or other hormonal replacement, that's concerning and needs to be addressed.

Birth control is not the solution.

It's a band aid. Birth control is for contraception, but if taken for other reasons it more often than not masks symptoms of what's really happening in your body.

Restoring your natural menstrual cycle isn't complicated. It also doesn't require a bunch of supplements, or a step by step protocol. That actually might cause more stress. What is does require is figuring out the root cause and then healing the actual problem with the right solutions. You don't have to waste your time or money on a bunch of supplements and alternative therapies, this is about getting back to basics and truly healing your body from the inside out.

Who is this course for?

Any woman who has been told not getting a period or having irregular periods is normal.

Any woman wanting to stop taking hormonal birth control and get a natural period.

Any woman wanting to heal her hormones without diets or rules or protocols.

Any woman not getting a regular period who wants to get pregnant now or in the future.

Any woman who experiences PMS that negatively impacts her daily life.

Any woman who feels like her sex drive is nonexistent all the time.

Any woman who has been told the solution to her missing period is birth control.

Any woman diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Any woman recovering from an eating disorder who hasn't gotten a natural period back (only if you're already working with a treatment team.)

Any health professional or anyone else interested in learning more about women's health and hormonal health through an Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size lens.

What can you expect once you purchase the course?

You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to:

Get a natural, regular period back naturally, no medications or supplements neccessary

Heal your hormones with lifestyle changes - not diets or cleanses or detoxes or protocols

Decrease PMS symptoms so you can carry on with your normal life, even on your period

Make peace with food and your natural body size

Learn to exercise in a healthy way for your body - no rules or programs involved

Cultivate compassionate self care that leads to long term health

You will learn...

How your body and reproductive system work - what's normal and what's not normal

The cause of your missing period, irregular period and PMS

Lifestyle factors affecting your hormones and period

How to work with your health care provider to get a correct diagnosis for your symptoms

Realistic guidelines for healing your hormones and getting your period back

There is no medicine cabinet of supplements, no stressful protocols or 1-2-3 instructions. This is about progressive, small, and realistic lifestyle changes to help YOU truly heal yourself - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Learn to nourish your body with appropriate nutrients and energy.

Move in a way that feels good for your mind and body.

Develop self care tools so you can manage your busy life and decrease stress and anxiety in a healthy way.

Cultivate healthy body image - which means building a fulfilling life outside of your body size.

And support long term reproductive health and fertility.

This is about much more than just getting your period back. This is about finding peace with your body, peace with food, peace with exercise and discovering the purposeful life you were created to live.

What's included in the course?

5 video modules (almost 5 hours) to watch at your own pace

Audio files so you can take the material on the go and listen anytime

Handouts to help you process and work through your healing journey

Handouts to help you cultivate healthy body image and self care

3 levels of eating support to fit your individual needs and help you eventually transition to intuitive eating

Recommended resources to support further learning and encouragement as you build a truly healthy, non-diet life

30 minute live group Q&As every week [Thursdays at 6pm EST] with Robyn so you can ask your questions and get direct answers - don't worry, the Q&A videos will be posted afterward too!

Lifetime access to all materials and videos and future updates

Discounts on private 1:1 counseling with dietitians and practitioners at Real Life Women's Health

Private access to the Facebook community group for support and encouragement

I've walked my own journey with getting my natural period back, healing my hormones finding peace with my body, food and exercise and I'm excited to help you do the same.

It is never too late.

This is the same work I do with clients 1 on 1 over several sessions - over a $1600 value - that I've complied into this self paced course for you.

Get started now!

I can’t express how much your effort that goes into the course helped me. It was the day of my bridal shower, when I looked at my fiancé and I said “oh my gosh. I just started my period I know it.” The joy and gratitude that I felt after starting my period was undeniably, such an incredible feeling. All thanks to your program and the heal your hormones course. After not having my period more than a year I finally started my period and I cannot be more thankful. Seriously, I thank God for finding you. Once again thank you for all that you put into the course. I cannot express how excited I am. - L. W.

I stumbled upon Robyn’s blog prior to my wedding in 2014, it was the first time I really absorbed that not having my cycle wasn’t normal, and that my body was communicating with me that something wasn’t right. Working with Robyn, I immediately felt validated, empowered, and truly cared for. I trusted her implicitly, and even though I was terrified, I followed her recommendations. She was there to provide heartfelt encouragement and accountability on the tough days, and she was the loudest one in the cheering section for my recovery. Approximately a month after working with Robyn, my period returned. Not only did it return, but I continued to have my cycle like clockwork every month. I was also amazed at the quantity of food my body needed to function optimally yet was still able to settle in a healthy weight range for my body. For the first time in a long time, I was happy in my skin. I am delighted to report that my husband and I welcomed a baby girl into the world in October. I thought I would never become a mother. I’m so thankful I followed my instinct the day the day that I reached out. - Sarah

Course Curriculum

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  Pre-Course Activities
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  Module 1: The Causes and Effects of Not Getting Your Period
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  Module 2: The Healing Plan For Getting Your Period Back
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  Module 3: Dealing With Body Changes
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  Module 4: I Got My Period! Now What?
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  Module 5: Long Term Health After Getting Your Period Back
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In the beginning, I was very resistant to making these changes (blame the deeply ingrained diet culture), but I am so glad that I finally had the courage to go “all in,” and follow Robyn's recommendations because it has already brought results. It feels so good to be menstruating again! And I will continue to do what I need to for my body, even though it’s definitely not easy. I have found the modules so helpful and encouraging in this journey. Thank you so much sharing your time and wisdom with us when almost everything else around us is sending the wrong message and most healthcare professionals don’t care to figure out and treat the underlying cause So, thank you! You’re doing such valuable, and much needed, work. - L.N